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Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics

Clini Rheumatol

Medical product test of Farabloc- Chronic knee and lower back pain; Otto Bock Germany, September 2008

Farabloc Trial: Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre, Rookwood Hospital; UK May 2006

The effect of high frequency radio waves on human brain activity: an EEG study, Ke Wu, Amirsaman Sajad, Syed A. A. Omar, and William MacKay

Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine  


BC Medical Journal

Canadian Journal of Rehabilitation

 G. L. Bach (M.D.)

The effectiveness of Farabloc technology with Mirror Therapy in reducing phantom limb pain in individuals with a unilateral lower extremity vascular amputation.

2012 by Helen Houston, Master's Thesis - Occupational Therapy.

This study was recognized at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine; Annual Convention October 2012, Vancouver, British Columbia

Published Research:

The Absence of Electromagnetic Fields and Mirror Therapy to Reduce Vascular Amputee Phantom Limb Pain  read more

Improving Functional Outcomes for Vascular Amputees Through Innovative Technology  read more

Innovative Technology to Improve Functional Outcomes for Vascular Amputees: Case Studies read more

Efficacy of Farabloc as an analgesic in primary fibromyalgia.

Department of Medicine/Rheumatology, University of Munich, Munich, Germany, Clin Rheumatol 臨床風濕期刊. 2007 Jan 11; PMID: 17216399

The goal of our study was to determine the efficacy of Farabloc, an electromagnetic shielding fabric compared to placebo fabric when worn as a nightgown, as an analgesic in patients hospitalized with fibromyalgia. In a rheumatologic and rehabilitation hospital, we performed a phase 1, single-blind study of patients using Farabloc (F) or placebo (P) gowns for 8 h per night during the 20-day hospitalization and a phase 2, single-blind crossover study of patients using both F and P gowns randomly and alternatively switching after 10 of 21 days hospitalization (phase 1: 42 F, mean age 49.02 years, 35 female, 7 male; 84 P, mean age 48.08 years, 72 female, 12 males; phase 2: 25 F/P, P/F, or P/P, mean age 44.0 years, 24 female, 1 male). The study involved randomly selected and blinded use of hospital gown 8 h per night of either F or P fabric. The main outcome measures were changes from admission or midpoint to discharge in quantity of pain (QN), quality of pain (QL), and paracetamol use (PU). In phase 1, all three variables significantly favored F over P when using paired t test, two sample t test, Mann-Whitney, and analysis of covariance tests. QN was reduced (F = -2.03 -/+ 0.99*, P = 0.59 -/+ 0.71). QL was reduced (F = -10.64 -/+ 5.69*, P = -2.54 -/+ 3.40). PU was reduced (F = 10.69 -/+ 6.68*, P = 26.12 -/+ 9.37). In phase 2, comparing midpoint to discharge levels in the three variables again favored P/F over F/P and P/P (>0.001): QN (P/F +16.00 -/+ 8.35* F/P -13.27 -/+ 11.40), QL (P/F +8.71 -/+ 4.75* F/P -6.55 -/+ 5.59), and PU (F -9.29 -/+ 4.39* P -18.00 -/+ 5.27) (*p = <0.001). Patients with fibromyalgia had less pain after sleeping in a gown made of Farabloc than with a placebo fabric. This suggests that Farabloc, an electromagnetic shielding fabric, has analgesic properties in fibromyalgia. Reduced pain observation is consistent with previous studies in phantom limb pain and delayed onset muscle pain. Limitations of this study include single blind design, small sample size, and in phase 2, a lack of washout period and a F/F group.

The Efficacy of Farabloc, An Electromagnetic Shield, in Attenuating Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness
Published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine , January 2000, Volume 10, Number 1
PMID: 10695845 [PubMed - Indexed for MEDLINE]

A double Blind Cross-Over Study carried out by Jian Zhang M.Sc., Douglas Clement M.D. and Jack Taunton M.D. at the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre, Division of Sports Medicine School of Human Kinetics and Department of Family Practice, at the University of British Columbia.

To determine the effect of Farabloc, a fabric with electromagnetic shielding properties, in attenuating the symptoms, signs and muscular strength of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) induced by two exposures to eccentric exercise in human subjects.

Repeated Measure Analysis of Variance was carried out for each of seven variables assessing fabric, order, time and all combinations VAS, EST, MDA, CPK, Mb, WBC and Neutral, all show highly significant fabric effect supporting the hypothesis of a difference between Farabloc and placebo groups.

This analysis shows that the order of Farabloc or placebo fabric use in stage 1 and 2 produces different results. This may be caused by training or learning effect but did not alter the overall influence of Farabloc

Farabloc shields high frequency electromagnetic fields thereby may reduce cellular excitability via increased cell membrane electric potential and reduced ionic pore activity plus suppressing free radical formation by inhibition of iron containing enzymes limiting the potential cascade of lipid peroxidation and inflammation in DOMS

Evidence for the Optimal Management of Acute and Chronic Phantom Pain: A Systematic Review 
Published in the CLINICAL JOURNAL OF PAIN 2002; 18:84-92
PMID: 11882771 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

The objective was to examine the evidence to determine the optimal management of phantom limb pain in the preoperative and postoperative phase of amputations.

...there is some evidence suggesting consideration of Farabloc.

Alleviation of pain with the use of Farabloc, an electromagnetic shield: A review
Published in BC Medical Journal Volume 43, Number 10, December 2000, pages 573-577

Review the research on the alleviation of pain by Farabloc, a fabric with electromagnetic shielding properties.

Farabloc, an electromagnetic shielding fabric, reduces pain in human subjects who suffer from phantom limb pain or delayed onset muscle soreness when assessed in placebo-controlled cross-over designed studies

The Efficacy of Farabloc In the Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain
Published in the Canadian Journal of Rehabilitation
Volume 6, Number 3, 1993 pp.155 --161 ISSN 0828-0827

A clinical study undertaken by the University of British Columbia (1990 -- 1992)
Contract ordered by the British Columbia Ministry of Health.
The study was carried out by Tali A. Conine, DHSc, PT: Cecil Hershler, MD, pH, FRCP; Stacey A Alexander, B.Sc., PT and Robert Crisp, B.Sc., PT. With the assistance of Mr. Wayne Jones, statistical analyst, and Ms. Salima Jeraj, research assistant. Over 60% of the patients studied reported their greatest pain relief using a Farabloc blanket or garment.

Farabloc in the Treatment of Phantom Pain, Rheumatic Pain and Other Painful Symptoms
A study carried out in 1987 by Prof. G.L. Bach (M.D.)  
Formerly Professor and Chairman of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology -Chief University of Loyola --Medical Division at Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois and the University of Loyola, Maywood, Illinois, USA







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